Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies:

 United States   FREE Shipping with Purchase of $20.00 or more.    First Class with Confirmation: USPS (United States Postal Service)

Orders which the purchase is 19.99 or less there is a $4.98 for First Class with Confirmation anywhere within the United States.

If you purchase over $150.00 after discounts and sales you will receive FREE Priority Shipping!

Priority within the United States is 6.98  If purchase under $149.99

Express (1-2 day guaranteed delivery through the US Post Office depending on zip code!) is  26.98

Canadian Post First Class  is 5.98

Canadian Priority Flat Rate Envelope  14.98

Canada Express Mail International   28.98


              Please as of September 26th, 2009.  We WILL NOT OFFER FIRST CLASS SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!  Please this is excluding Canada.  As of this day we will be shipping ONLY Priority and Express to Countries other than Canada.  We have found that without a signature confirmation and a tracking number that all folks need to do is to call their Credit Cart Companies and state that they did not receive the article!  Therefore the handshake, good will is no longer good enough.  Please understand this administrative desision is NOT an easy one.  We have tried very hard to continue Free Shipping with confirmation Every where. 

                Priority, Plus Registered Shipping to World Wide Countries Other than Canada will be  $42.98

                Express Shipping to World Wide Countries Other than Canada will be  $56.98

                If You have any questions, Concerns, or you would like us to consider shipping to your Country that is not listed, Please contact us to see what our determination would be.  We are continually growing, and increasing our Shipping Platform.

                Priority Mail: Priority Mail within the United States is $6.98; outside the United States into Canada is $24.98 (Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope) anywhere throughout Canada. Please understand, we cannot be held responsible for orders which do not arrive when promised with both First Class with Confirmation, or Priority to Canada.  USPS and Canadian Post CANNOT CONTROL Customs.  These packages can be held in Customs up to a month.  In reality the packages arrive 95 % of the time in a timely fashion.  This does depend on the time of year, Holiday Season is extremely hard to promise or predict on the delivery of packages, unless they are Express, with the normal Guarantees.

 Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope Priority Mail   Into Canada and Throughout Canada, :  Flat fee of $14.98 

Orders of $150.00 or more will receive   FREE PRIORITY (Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope) SHIPPING Into Canada Only!!!

Express Mail Within The United States:   $26.98 Guaranteed Delivery 1-2 Day Depending On Zip Code.

Express Mail International Flat Rate To Canada and Within Canada:  $28.98 Guaranteed Delivery 5 Day.

Priority Plus Registered Mail Shipping to World Wide Countries Other than Canada will be  $42.98   Service Commitment  10 - 25 days. (Please we cannot control Customs)  This shipping includes a Signature Confirmation from the purchaser that the package was received!

Express Mail International Flat Rate Worldwide to Countries that are listed. 56.98 Service Commitment 5 Days. (Please we cannot control Customs)  This shipping includes a Signature Confirmation from the purchaser that the package was received!

           We ship in the United States by US Postal Service First Class Mail. Your order should be packaged within 24 ~~ 48 hours, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation when it has been shipped. You can usually expect your package to arrive in 3 to 10 business days, depending on your location, and holiday mail volume. You may purchase optional shipping insurance to cover risk of loss, theft or damage during shipping. 

  will not and does not accept responsibility for items lost in the mail.   Postal Service and Delivery is VARIED!  There are NO  Guarantees'.  Once the package leaves we are not responsible.  You are more than welcome to choose Priority or Express with the Insurance that goes with each one respectively. 

 Return Policies: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

           Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. Please, We do offer Free First Class with Confirmation if You decide that the product is not what you want and you need to return it.  Your account will be credited the full purchase price minus 20% restocking fee & what the shipping and handling costs that were accrued. Even since originally they were free to you, if you are sending the product back and you kept nothing then the shipping costs (5.95)  of that package will be deducted from your total cost of the product before the refund takes place.

* You should return the item using the same or similar packaging materials as used when we shipped it to you.

 * You will be responsible for return shipping costs and insurance, if any.

 * If you need to return an Item we require that you contact us, confirming that you are returning the item.

* We ask that you use the same means that we used in shipping you the item.

  *This means, that you at least send the item First Class with Confirmation, Since you have contacted us letting us know that the package is on its way we will know to expect the package and we will have a tracking number that you and us can confirm its where’s about!  Our guarantee is a 60 day satisfaction of choice.  If you receive the item and it is NOT what you expected we ask that you give us a call within the first 30 days of arrival.  We will give you up to 60 days to get the items returned to us in the same condition that it arrived to you, that is New and in the same condition.  Charms once in a while come off even when they are soldered, it is a micro-laser process.  As long as we can get the same design we will be more than happy to replace said charm.

* Many of our Premium Line charms have lifetime manufacturer warranties.  Defective charms from these manufacturers may be returned to us at any time for refund or exchange.  Occasionally a manufacturer will discontinue certain designs and we will not be able to replace your charm, however you may choose to select a similar charm or receive a refund. We would appreciate your feedback on returned items to help us make future stocking decisions.

****Please Note about Italian Charm Watches:  We at AddALinkofCharm sell Italian Charm Watches with Bands attached!  The First Blank Charm which is attached to the watch Needs to remain On and attached to the watch!  If you attempt to remove this link and replace it with a charm, the watch will not be guaranteed by AddALinkOfCharm.  However if you still choose to have your charms connect directly to the watch may we suggest having a "Jeweler" do it for you, or we will be more than happy to have our jeweler attach your bracelet to a watch of your choice.   Please contact us at this phone number (1-509-968-3608) for more information.    Thank you for your understanding!  We will and do not accept the responsibility of a replacement of said watch or credit back to Customers account if you do attempt to remove the first charm that attaches the watch to the band! 
 Thank you from the staff at AddALinkOfCharm.