Medical Alert Bracelets for Children & Adults who cannot afford to purchase one!

Give the gift of life by helping someone have a Medical Alert Bracelet! Nominate someone for a FREE Medical Alert Bracelet.

We at Add A Link Of Charm have given away Medical Alert Bracelets each and every month for 9 years now.  Due to the generosity of our customers, families, and friends we have been able to do this. 

Add A Link Of Charm Pledged that we would match every dollar that is donated by 100%.  This year 2016 so far have proudly have given away 4 bracelets each and every month.

No there is not catch, no gimmicks, no cost and FREE Shipping!   All folks have to do is fill out this form.  Once you click on the pay it forward picture below it will take you to the first step of the nomination process.  Folks are welcome to nominate themselves, family members, friends or???

This program started 9 years ago at Christmas time.  It will be 8 years this coming Christmas! We had a customer come in order 3 complete medical alert bracelets.  When she was done she asked us to send the first two and keep the third.  The next question that she asked was "if we had someone in mind that needed a medical alert bracelet but could not afford one"?  Needless to say we were speechless!  

This is when the pay it forward program started.  The first year we gave one bracelet away each month.  The biggest hurdle we faced was how were we going to get the information that we needed without coming across pushy.  We wanted to keep it simple.  This was not only for the form but for the decision of who got the bracelet that month.   This is where we decided to just ask for mailing information, name, email address and what charms that was needed on the medical alert bracelet.  Then we decided to put the forms in a hat (as a matter of speaking) and draw one each and every  month.

We are coming  to the end of our 9th year.  We and our sponsors  have been extremely proud of this program.  When we asked our staff if they wanted to continue for the upcoming year 2016 it was a solid YES.  The second question was, "Is there anyone recipient that stands out in your head of where you received the most enjoyment and fulfillment?"  The answer was the same from everyone.  "No Not just one, all the kids that we have designed and put medical alert bracelets together for".

Kids, that need medical alert bracelets need the opportunity to have the serous side of a Medical alert bracelet but also something fun, so they will wear the bracelet and NOT be afraid of being bullied!  Parents have over and over thanked us with relief!  Their Son &/or Daughter are not getting bullied about the bracelet, they are wearing their bracelets, because they "like it", and they are NOT "Losing" it or it "Mysteriously" getting broken"

 Kids, children have enough to deal with in their every day lives in today's world.  Over and Over again we hear "you have no idea the money that we have spent trying to find a Medical Alert Bracelet that my son or daughter will wear"!  That is why these Italian Charm Bracelets are so perfect for a Medic Alert Bracelet.  They not only have the medical condition or allergy on their bracelet, but they can have Care Bears Superman,  Cars, Trucks,  Sporting  ThemesNFL Football teams or MLB Baseball teams, Licensed NFL Italian Charms, along with MLB Licensed Italian Charms.  It is endless as to what you can have on their bracelets.  In essence they love them, they wear them and they do not mysteriously lose them.