Learn How to Take Care for Your Jewelry. It will take care of you for a long time! AddALinkOfCharm.com

Taking Care of Your Jewelry


Add A Link Of Charm is proud of the quality of Jewelry and Products that we sell!  We find the best, high demand items for the money!  Our average sale price is 30.00 to 40.00 throughout the site!   Add A Link Of Charm carries great quality italian charms and Euro style jewelry. 

Add A Link Of Charms Italian Charms are 100% Stainless Steel.  No tin, Nickel, or alloy metal.   Italian Charms that contain tin, nickel or alloy metals,  usually will  turn your skin green, the bracelet turns black with the high luster not lasting very long.  Along with this, if you are sensitive to metal or have metal allergies, you can become extremely sensitive to your wearing of this jewelry that is NOT 100% Stainless Steel!

The Euro Style Bracelets are copper based, with Sterling Silver Plated and when put next to a solid sterling silver bracelet or charm you cannot tell the difference between the two, except one does not have "Pandora" on the bracelet or Charm.  These are NOT Pandora Products, just 100% compatible to Pandora line.  The pieces are completely interchangeable between Pandora, Troll, Biagi, Chamilia just to name a few.

 We recommend that you take the bracelet off at night, do not sleep with your bracelet  on.   Place your bracelet in a case or jewelry box.   Polish it when needed with a Jewelry Polishing Cloth.  Follow This Link