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How Italian Charms Link TogetherThe History of Italian Charms | Instructions   


An Italian Company during the  late 1980's got the idea to create a bracelet from modular links that can easily be disconnected and exchanged with other links.  Many credit European soccer players and fans for the initial wave of popularity of Italian Charm Bracelets.  But when Italian Charm Bracelets became fashionable in America they became the hot jewelry item. 

In the early 2000's there was a huge craze to have these charms.  You could not go into a gift store, a drug store, a souvenir store without finding trays of Italian Charms to pick from.  Sadly though, with the demand came less quality.  The 100% stainless steel links were compromised, trying to cut corners, tin, nickel & zinc were found in the makeup of these links.  The designs were glued on Not soldered on resulting in charms that were not withstanding normal wear and tear.  They were showing up by the thousands in flea markets, losing total respect and desire.  Today though, customers are starting to come back to the all loved item.  They are finding the quality is back, the links are 100% stainless steel, the bracelet is not turning their skin green and the design is micro-lasered soldered.  The designs are staying on the links.  

Italian Charm Bracelets are also a favorite young girls & boys because they could trade and mix links with their friends.  Because links can be easily added and removed from the Italian Charm Bracelet, Italian Charms have become a piece of personalized jewelry: We call them "Memory Bracelets".



You can use your fingers to adjust and connect links. For people with arthritis or difficulty, it's also possible to use a charm tool (See our Tools section). NOTE: Once you stretch out the full bracelet and switch it over, it's easy to see how the link connects.

Each charm has a hooked end (left side) and a connector end (right side). Links are spring loaded. Take a single link and slide the charm open by pushing the charm outward and hold open. If you are dealing with several links already connected, it's also possible to stretch the links out, and hold or pinch the link open.

The sliding a part of the charm features a hooked opening that attaches to the next charm's connector bar.  Release the charm to lock them into place.The ending result's is a sleek, stylish bracelet that you would be able to easily change over and over by removing, adding and re-arranging your charms.



Where to Begin

The italian charms that we offer will fit any 9mm Italian Charm Bracelet. Most often our customers begin with a starter bracelet which has as much as 18 links and every link would be the same. Over time, you collect links that express your own personal taste. Each link can be replaced until the whole bracelet is full of charms which are special to you and full of Memories.  We call our Bracelets "Memory Bracelets". 

Begin using a starter bracelet, then add italian charms with designs at your own personal pace. Express your passions with charms that mean chuck full of memories, such as a birthstone for your grandson or granddaughter.  Or is your son or daughter in sports or do they play an instrument?

18 links is large enough for a 7 inch wrist.  Each link gives 1/3 in length


    * Wrist 6¼" = 16 links

    * Wrist 6½" = 17 links

    * Wrist 7"    = 18 links Average Adult Wrist

    * Wrist 7¼" = 19 links

    * Wrist 7¾" = 20 links

    * Wrist 8"    = 21 links


Easily adjusts to any size especially for putting together a medical alert bracelet for a child.  Check out our Medical Alert charms for Italian Charm Bracelets. These bracelets provide fun Medical Alert Bracelets, not a sterile drug store one.  With the adjustments being so easy and minimal these work for all ages, even newborns  giving "perfect fit"

Italian charms can also use as a pendant, zipper pull, purse jewelry &/ or key chain.