HandPainted Italian Charms are very Personable and Memorable

 The process provides a High quality italian charm like the High quality Enamel Italian Charm.  The paint is covered with a hard coating that protects the charm and design.  The paint will withstand continual wearing day in and day out.     The idea started way back with Cindy Russo when she worked at Pasante Italian Charms during 1998- through 1999.  They sold for 80 - 100.00 daily!  

You can have you name placed on one of these charms or a loved one,  The process takes approx 2 weeks, until they are ready to ship to their new home.  They are available  on either:

  1. Mood 9mm or superlink Italian Charms, 9mm Italian Charms.
  2. 9mm Italian Charms or Matte or Shiny superlink Italian Charms

 Hand Painted Superlink Italian CharmIf you compare the Laser Italian Charms with Names on them as opposed to the Italian Charms that are HandPainted with Names on them side you will see the increased desire and style of the HandPainted vs the Laser Italian Charms.


If you are at all Interesed in a custom  HandPainted Italian Charm with a Name on it as a gift, Please email us at info@addalinkofcharm.com