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 Cluster Of Charms  Italian Charms, Pandora Jewelry & European Style

Jewelry  make great, thoughtful, quality Memory filled gifts! Are you looking for something above just Nice In quality? You will NOT be disappointed At AddALinkOfCharm!

Italian Charms are dissimilar from anything else the jewelry world has seen. They're small rectangular links, each containing specific designs, which interlock together to build a bracelet. You can build your bracelet all of once, or pick and choose over time those special themes that bring back those treasured Memories.

·         Have a look at either the Italian Charm Categories page where we have the best selection of different themes of Italian charms for your bracelets.  We also encourage you to check out our Licensed Charm Section, where we have Hello Kitty,Surfing Kitty, Elvis themed Charms, Elvis dancing Sponge Bob & Patrick in their different memorable poses.

·         Or are you a Snoopy & Peanuts Snoopy and the gang fan?   The list goes on Check out our complete Licensed Italian Charm Section .

Do not Forget to Check Out Our Italian Charm Watches Tools.  We have a really nice selection of Watches.  Single Band, Double, Triple Bands, along with also photo watches.  Just cannot beat our selection!

Well we have done it!  We have added to our Inventory!  Pandora Jewelry & European  Style Jewelry is here to stay! Please do not jump overboard you Italian Charm Lovers!  We will continue to bring you the nicest Italian Charms that we can find &/or Manufacture.   For you Pandora Jewelry Lovers here we go!   There just is not anything one person can say about Pandora Jewelry except it is gorgeous and breath taking!  Our decision to bring in both lines is because of the Pandora Line!  It is expensive!  There are pros and cons for both.  Heirloom, building a bracelet to leave it to my kids,  I love gold, I love top quality jewelry ......They are all great reasons for collecting Pandora Jewelry!   However there are folks out there that would like the fun, style, enjoyment of putting on a new bracelet too that just cannot justify the cost.   The European Style or Euro Style Jewelry this is for YOU!  

This is why it took us over 3 years to find the right manufacture of this jewelry!   in  the beginning everyone was trying to copy Pandora however forgetting that they needed quality along with compatibility and continuity.  Bracelets were being made, pushing the line that everything that was being manufactured was COMPATIBLE &  completely interchangeable with jewelry by Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi and Troll to name a few. This WAS NOT the case UNTIL NOW! !  We are so very excited to bring into Add A Link Of Charm this line of European or Euro Style Jewelry.  The bracelets, the screw beads, spacers, beads & charms are totally compatible & interchangeable!   If for so me reason they are NOT you are welcomed to return them without any question or concern!  Give us a Try!Oval Watch with Hearts



Mickey Mouse Cell Phone     Cell Phone Charms are always a wonderful, fun, colorful addition to any cell phone!  You will be able to also use these as zipper pulls, purse jewelry or….We offer ones that you will be able to build to your personal wants and needs.·         You will be able to choose a leather strap in various colors, add together initials, designs or….Since Cell phones do not have antennas any longer our antenna cell phone charms have enabled others to be more originative and add them to the cell phone straps to give a cell phone charm or zipper pull more panache, style or design.  

We offer to either arrange these together for you or you may elect to arrange these together once you receive your package.  Either way they continue to be a unique fun present and dress up any cell phone and/or zipper pull.

Are you seeking that VERY Special charm?   Do not forget to check out Our Roussio Italian Charm Section.  Click here to see a fantastic selection of all different themes.  From Dogs, to cats or spiritual Themes Check Out these beautiful charms!

We offer a wonderful selection of Medical Alert Bracelets & Charms.  Check these out, or if you do not see what you need or you require a special charm check out our custom Section.  Click here to see ideas that might work for you or your loved ones.


Locket with charms

 Floating Heart Lockets & Floating Heart Locket Charms

....Just cannot beat the quality, the fun & the

style that they provide!  Click here to see Our Selection of the Charms & The Lockets.   Crystal Glass Nail files are the best thing next to coffee!


·         We have a small size that is 3.5inches in length.

·         There is a Medium Length that is 5.5 inches in length.

·          Large which is 7.5 inches in length?

·          Every nail file that we offer has a surface that is guaranteed for life. 

·          Now this does not work if you unfortunately break them, however the cases that come with these files are thicker than most and they are not flimsy by any means.

·          This is what we found when we tried out other companies nail files, that either the grinding surface was  NOT aggressive enough, or the case that they were stored in was thin and flimsy like paper that would not add any extra protection at all.

·           We have tried every product that we offer on this site.  So we know that these are top notch to say the least!  

Foldable Purse Hooks Or Foldable Purse Hangers are Our next addition to our Inventory!    We have the stationary purse hooks that are just as durable and duty efficient as the foldable purse hooks that we carry.

Beach_Shore_Palm_Tree_Foldable_Purse_hanger.jpg (33.29 kB)

We find that folks like both designs.   Some like the idea of just slipping them in a wallet and either design works.  Other folks like the convenience of the foldable ones, in that they are smaller, more compact and  they come with their own black, draw string velvet bag for storage.   Either works for many and this makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift that costs less than 25 dollars!

Now some more exciting news we are always continuing to bring in new exciting designs of Italian Charms.

         We are also increasing our inventory of not only purse hooks but New Compacts and Id Holders that match.  Casa D’Oro has Introduced a new line where you can purchase them as  Id Case, Purse Hook & Compact set or individually.  At first I personally thought a Compact?   Well now that we have them in our hands…These are very Nice, stylish, thin and will fit very nicely even in the new flat wallets which everyone seems to have to have these days!

Well, The Flat Wallets are here and they are an awesome success thanks to all of you, our Customers!   We have been Very Selective in the ones tat we have brought into inventory.  Take a good look, the wallets are not the standard thin wallets.  These are at least 1 inch thick, which enables them to have a check book that matches, extra slots for credit cards, business cards &/or ID Cards that will all fit along with a shoulder strap that you can use, take it off, tuck it in.



 Take a good look at the checkbook.                                  

Have you priced and looked at the Stainless Steel Bracelets for Men & Women.   Everything that we have on the site is offered   below $60.00 which is far less than our competitors!  These all are 100% surgical grade Japenese Stainless Steel.



This is a Great Deal of Information!  Thank you for your attention!  Please if you have any questions, or you are looking for something that you cannot just find you are more than welcome to call, email or ?  Thanks again...Keep Charming!


Italian Charms For the history of: 

and How to interchange them Please Click Here for the "History & Information Page."


European Or Euro Style Jewelry has  been and is an awesome choice as an alternative to purchasing the "real thing"!   When the Pandora Jewelry came out all the competing companies struggled to developed the same sort of Product hoping that the popularity would be true to the Italian Charms!  The problem that was encountered was The "European Or Euro Style Jewelry" was promised that it was compatible to the Pandora Line along with all the other bead and charm companies, were interchangeable but it was NOT.  Compatible became a nasty word for customers excited that they found  a really cute bead or charm soon found out that when they reached for the charm and put it on their bracelet it would not fit!  Compatible Jewelry to Pandora Jewelry

 developed a "Have Not" "Not Want" following.Baseball Cap Blue for New Baby Boy

AddALinkOfCharm set out to find a product that presented the quality, style, the compatibility and most of all affordable.  Meaning NOT $80.00- $600.00 and More per bead or charm.  A complete Pandora Bracelet starts at 2,800.00 to 6,800.00 easily.  It has taken this company just over 38 months to come up with a manufacture that is totally compatible to the Pandora Line of Product!.  The charms that are offered on this site are copper based (this material gives the weight of sterling silver) and then they are dipped 2-3 times.  By completing this process the plating can be stamped .925.  Side by side it is a hard push to tell the difference in the silver pieces.   If you are looking for the solid gold charm we do offer a few of the Pandora Line.  We can also get any of the beads and charms of the Pandora Line if you would prefer these.

You can also find some completed Euro or European Style Bracelets..  Some with watches, some without and a few of the bangle bracelets.  Grab an idea by checking out these bracelets.

Another consideration or thought is that you can start an Italian Charm Watch Bracelet combination.  If you already have an italian charm bracelet you can either purchase a watch with a band and pick and choose which charms you are wanting on the watch band, or take your bracelet and add it to the watch. This way you are able to have the practicality of a watch with the fun of a bracelet!Italian_Charm_Watch_White_face_Oval_Gold_Trim_Dlinq.jpg

Your choices can reflect what you, your family & friends will call a Wonderful Memory Charm Bracelet! Additionally, you will  find the Products, Service & Warranties at AddALinkOfCharm are preceding all the rest!   You will find that without guarantee's of product,  history or referral of a product line and a company that backs it up you have not a thing to hang on to.  AddALinkOfCharm takes great pride in providing the highest quality, service and reach ability for our customers!   Even though every one of  the Italian Charms offered on AddALinkOfCharm are soldered (Micro-Lasered Liquid Soldered) the designs do occasionally come off.   

Email us at or call at 1-509-968-3608 and your charm will be replaced.  For more information please Click here:  about us

 May you  also note that there is a "wish list" for your convenience!  There are approx just over 5000 products inclued in this site.  By utilizing the "Wish List" this will give you the chance to place your choices aside, to return later and to take another look without starting all over again searching throughout the site.  The inventory of products is always increasing!  New designs of Italian Charms, Pandora Jewelry and Eruo Fashion Style Jewlery are arriving weekly!  Keep Charming and have fun checking out all the various designs and items which can be found!