Add A Link Of Charm Disclaimer does not sell products produced by companies with trademark &/or brands other than:    

(1)  Crystal Glass Nail Files manufactured and sold by “95 & Sunny”.

(2)  Pandora in which we have 30 individual products. 

(3)  Casa D’Oro Licensed  Italian Charms:  Which are all Retired and Collectors’ Items

  1. Care Bears,
  2. Elvis Presley,
  3. Raggedy Ann & Andy,
  4.  Hello Kitty,
  5. Bozo, 
  6. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Coors,
  7. Snoopy, Charlie Brown,
  8. Sponge Bob
  9. M & M’s
  10. Garfield
  11. Precious Moments
  12. Betty Boop
  13.  The Flintstones
  14. Wizard Of Oz
  15. NASCAR, NFL, MLB, Collegiate Italian Charms, Cell phone charms,  ProStarter Bracelets,  Shoe Thingz  Licensed through ProCharms.

(4)  Disney Italian Charms, Cell Phone Charms, Watches.


Other than these products listed above, does not sell items manufactured or licensed by other companies! is NOT a Manufacture; we are a retail store which specializes in quality gift items at reasonable prices.   We try very hard to offer like style, compatible style, handmade Murano lamp work beads that look like or represent like Designer Style Jewelry at a fraction of the cost. sell reproductions or replicas of popular designs found in the worldwide marketplace, which is also openly expressed throughout the web site:  Example:  The Pandora style jewelry, Pandora like jewelry, or European-style-large-hole-beads:  adaptations of designs that are comparable in quality and to products sold by famous designers and manufacturers.

These beads, charms, handmade lamp work beads do NOT come stamped with any trademark, designers logo, or a gift box with any trade name on it!  We have NEVER sold or attempted to sell above described products.


“Pandora style beads are stunning blown-glass, silver, and gold beads popularized by the Pandora jewelry company. The beads are mixed and matched to create original, exquisite bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Original Pandora beads come at a steep price- many start at $40.00 for a single bead! The Pandora style has become so popular that it has taken the jewelry-making world by storm. Wholesalers and private artisans now create "Pandora style beads" that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost as the original Pandora beads.”  See more of this article at: makes no claim as to selling trademark jewelry except that which is mentioned in above section.  In fact, it took AddALinkOfCharm  3 years to the date to find a manufacture who made compatible products, so customers that had purchased Pandora,  Biagi Beads,  Chamilia, Troll to name a few, had additional options.