September Girl Birthstone Italian Charm



Say for instance you have a boy and a girl, you would maybe select the little girl representing the month of her birthday.   You also might do the same, select the  italian charms boy birthstones representing his birthday!  Birth Stones add individually and memories to each and every  Italian Charms Birthstones theme.  Themes such as Birthday’s, Holiday’s, Lover’s, Sport’s themes. Italian Charm Bracelets we refer to them as Memory Bracelets. Why you ask? Most italian charm bracelets consist of anywhere from 16 – 20 links, depending on the size of your wrist. Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers wear italian charm bracelets. They love to show off their bracelets full of Photo’s of their kids &/or grandchildren! Men in particular! They will wear a single band or a double strand bracelet either with a watch or just a straight bracelet. They add charms with custom photos on them, wearing them proudly just hoping someone will ask “Who is that in that Photo on your bracelet”?

When Italian Charms were first designed and produced it was in Italy. The Soccer team of Italy were getting ready to go to “World Soccer Competition”. Being that they were the favorite contenders they wanted something special that said “We are Here”. Designers and Companies, came up with Italian Charms. This is one of the reasons why Italian Charms were so popular, and still today are loved. They are NOT obtrusive! They are NOT heavy, long dangling pieces of jewelry that get in the way. Folks can play, work, function in a trade and wear these bracelets without the fear of getting them caught in a belt, a machine or cross contamination of bacteria in a hospital, surgery situation.

An Italian Charm Bracelet is normally 18 links.  Out of those 18 links, you can add Italian Charms Birthstones to show off your kids, grandkids, your own birthday.  These stones add a great amount of color to an bracelet.  Memory Bracelets usually always has Italian Charms Birthstones.