Medical Alert BraceletMedical alert italian charm bracelets are the greatest thing since peanut butter!  Are you a parent or a caretaker of a child that is in need of a Medical Alert Bracelet? We have found over the years medical issues are hard enough, without placing a brand or sign for everyone to see that they have medical issues.  The drug store Medical Alert Bracelets that we all remember from Grade School are sterile, not any fun and open a door especially kids to be bullied and pulled into the lime light.

Older folks, the ones that are 20 or older like these bracelets for Medical Alert Italian Charm Bracelets for they are very easy to wear, so versatile and most of all totally convenient for getting off and on.  Kids, children from the ages of 3, though their High School Years are more intimidated, shameful that they are different, and that they have medical issues that always remind them that they are not the same as other kids their age.  Well they are NOT, however with the use of  Italian Charms for Medical Alert Bracelets they not only have the medical alert charms on the bracelet in case of an emergency but they can also have other themed charms so the bracelets become special, not something that will end up hidden, broken or mysteriously  lost so they do not have to wear it.

Medical Alert Bracelets need to be personalized especially for a youngster. This helps for them to "Like It", so they will wear it!

How you ask?  By adding some very special charms to this child's

they are proud of it not ashamed of it.  For young ones, the boys as an example we have included a "Superman Charm" or a "Star Wars Charm".   The girls we have included a "Princess Charm",  "Tinker Bell Charm", "Care Bear Charm is also another example!  This way kids wear their bracelets!  We have had many parents contact us after they have received the bracelet with thanks & tears how pleased they are that their child loves his or her bracelet.  That they are special!  Other kids like the bracelet, want to know where they got it and "How Cool" it is.

Two years ago we had a mother call us after she received her son's new Medical Alert Italian Charm Bracelet, crying in excitement, thanking us.  We had added a superman italian charm to his Medical Alert Italian Charm Bracelet.  When he realized that he had this charm, being 3 years old he calls it "My Superman Bracelet".  "He absolutely loves it, I cannot get him to take it off".    It made our day to say the least.  Medical alert bracelets are not going to help any child if he or she do not want to wear it, or they mysteriously loose it so they do not have to.