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Cluster Of Italian CharmsYou've encountered the best possible Source for Italian CharmsEuro Style Jewelry, Pandora Beads, Charms & Bracelets Accessible over the Internet. Gather a couple of minutes, relax and take a breath, get yourself a cup of coffee &...Have a look around. You will  recognize & enjoy the caliber of the products and the service!   It does not matter whether it's  Italian Charms, Pandora Beads, Charms & Bracelets including the Authentic Pandora Jewelry which are offered at AddALinkOfCharm Our customers come first.  It is the goal of AddALinkOfCharm to be your favorite place to visit and trust!


Our Italian Charms are Definitely not cheap in quality so that you can build a meaningful awe-inspiring "Charmed"  Charm Bracelet.  For the history of

Italian Charms

and How to interchange them Please Click Here for the "History & Information Page."
Pandora Style Jewelry has  been and is an awesome choice as an alternative to purchasing the "real thing"!   When the Pandora Jewelry came out all the competing companies struggled to developed the same sort of Product hoping that the popularity would be true to the Italian Charms!  The problem that was encountered was The "Pandora Style Jewelry" was promised that it was compatible to the Pandora Line along with all the other bead and charm companies, were interchangeable but it was NOT.  Compatible became a nasty word for customers excited that they found  a really cute bead or charm soon found out that when they reached for the charm and put it on their bracelet it would not fit!  Compatible Pandora Jewelry developed a "Have Not" "Not Want" following.

AddALinkOfCharm set out to find a product that presented the quality, style, the compatibility and most of all affordable.  Meaning NOT $80.00- $600.00 and More per bead or charm.  A complete Pandora Bracelet starts at 2,800.00 to 6,800.00 easily.  It has taken this company just over 38 months to come up with a manufacture that is totally compatible to the Pandora Line of Product!.  The charms that are offered on this site are copper based (this material gives the weight of sterling silver) and then they are dipped 2-3 times.  By completing this process the plating can be stamped .925.  Side by side it is a hard push to tell the difference in the silver pieces.   If you are looking for the solid gold charms we do offer a few of the Pandora Line.  We can also get any of the beads and charms of the Pandora Line if you would prefer these.

Pandora Style Watch
Do you love football? Well this watch and bracelet has it all! Beautiful dangle charm "I love Football"

You can also find some completed Pandora Style Bracelets.  Some with watches, some without and a few of the bangle bracelets.  Grab an idea by checking out these bracelets.

Are you a lover of Italian Charms, well this way you get the best of both worlds. A watch and an Italian Charm Bracelet.

Another consideration or thought is that you can start an Italian Charm Watch Bracelet combination.  If you already have an italian charm bracelet you can either purchase a watch with a band and pick and choose which charms you are wanting on the watch band, or take your bracelet and add it to the watch. This way you are able to have the practicality of a watch with the fun of a bracelet!

Your choices can reflect what you, your family & friends will call a Wonderful Memory Charm Bracelet! Additionally, you will  find the Products, Service & Warranties at AddALinkOfCharm are preceding all the rest!   You will find that without guarantee's of product,  history or referral of a product line and a company that backs it up you have not a thing to hang on to.  AddALinkOfCharm takes great pride in providing the highest quality, service and reach ability for our customers!   Even though every one of  the Italian Charms offered on AddALinkOfCharm are soldered (Micro-Lasered Liquid Soldered) the designs do occasionally come off.   Email us at or call at 1-509-968-3608 and your charm will be replaced.  For more information please Click here:  about us

May it be suggested that if you use the Category menu on the left, it will facilitate your visit and help you to become familiar throughout the site so that you can find that particular piece or charm for which you yearn for.  May you  also note that there is a "wish list" for your convenience!  There are approx just over 5000 products inclued in this site.  By utilizing the "Wish List" this will give you the chance to place your choices aside, to return later and to take another look without starting all over again searching throughout the site.  The inventory of products is always increasing!  New designs of Italian Charms, Pandora Jewelry and Pandora Fashion Style Jewelry are arriving weekly!  Keep Charming and have fun checking out all the various designs and items which can be found!

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