Live, Love, Laugh Purse HangerPurse Hangers equal NO Unwanted Bacteria at Home.

Purse hooks were originally developed for a fashion statement with safety in mind  5 years ago. A Woman's tendency was to either hang her purse on the back of a chair, on the floor or in your teeth in prevention of placing your bag on the floor! Today more than ever not just Women are purchasing these hooks. Men are purchasing these so they do not have to place their brief cases, notebooks or?? On the floor.

Bag Hangers For The Men Also & Purse Hangers for Women! It does not matter what you call them..they just help to stop bringing bacteria into your home!

There is not a place out in public that anyone would want to place their bags on the floor of an restroom, store or on the ground where folks come and go. To carry these bugs and bacteria home from your bag is NOT the recommended action anymore.

Especially with the fear of Swine Flu or any communicable disease! Children are our most treasured asset of today. We need to protect their environment to the best of our ability. Many conditions and issues are out of our hands, however this one we can control by using purse hooks, bag hooks, briefcase hooks and so on.

When you are at a restaurant the best position for your purse, briefcase or diaper bag is in front of you. This way no one has a chance to snap & grab your identification, credit cards, or money. Men have thanked us for the idea of these hooks for their briefcase's and laptops.

Purse hooks have duel purposes. The are nice looking and very practical with a PURPOSE.

With today's world we all have to be very thoughtful of our surroundings for both safety of self, family from theft and bacteria. With all the fear that is generated on the news about 2009 H1N1 Flu ("Swine Flu"). The Spread of 2009 H1N1 virus is thought to occur in the same way that seasonal flu spreads. Flu viruses are spread mainly from person to person through coughing or sneezing by people with influenza. Sometimes people may become infected by touching something - such as a surface or object - with flu viruses on it and then touching their mouth or nose. With the use of purse hooks, purse hangers, foldable purse hooks, foldable purse hangers you just are NOT going to go wrong. There are many things that we just cannot do anything about, however this one we can. We can hope to lessen the chance of contracting certain bacteria and definitely not bringing it home to your safe haven!

With the use of purse hooks or purse hangers, whether you are eating at a restaurant, using a restroom, going to a football game or?? The purse hooks help you to get your handbag, briefcase, laptop off of the floor and off the back of the chair or your lap. Women & Men have faced a dilemma for years as to where to put you briefcase, purse when you are in a public place. Our purses, briefcases carry our most important necessities like our wallet, tissues, cell phone, I-pod, PDA or?? These little hooks Or Bag Hangers, Purse Hanger, offer a wonderful, practical gift idea that enables you to hang one of these items that you need to keep close to you and off of those dirty and most often filthy bacteria infested floor! Purse hooks come in a multitude of designs; as simple as a cz stone, to an elegant design & for the man there are ones with the different service emblems representing each of the services.  These little hooks Or Bag Hangers, Handbag Hooks, offer a wonderful, practical gift idea that enables you to hang one of these items that you need to keep close to you and off of those dirty and most often filthy bacteria infested floor! Purse hangers cost give or take 14.00-21.00 on an average.  Is this not a cheap enough investment to prevent unwanted bacteria in your living space