Italian Charms come in all designs, yes we have a Seattle Seahawks Italian Charm.  It is the 4th of February 2014 the Seahawks have just won the Superbowl, yes the Superbowl!  Seattle and Washington State are full of Joy, Pride, Excitement and Passion for their Seattle Seahawks and the Twelfth Man!  There is going to be a Parade down the middle of Seattle, tomorrow starting at 11 AM celebrating this win for not only the Seattle Seahawks Team but for all of Washington, Supporters & Lovers of the Seahawks!  We at Add A Link Of Charm would love to congratulate everyone in the Seahawks camp and the Fans for their diligence, perseverance and tenacity through this football year.  May everyone be safe and thankful for what we have now and in the future!

It has been a strange winter all over the United States, Worldwide actually.  The Northwest is having a “Brown Winter” and the East Coast has more snow and cold weather than normal, breaking records left and right.  The stock market seems to be rebounding; times seem to be getting better.  "We all need to be strong and be thankful for the small things, not the big things but the small things!"  Well who ever and where ever she heard this it is so true!  The freshness and strength of new times are coming, it is in the air!

At we are having another drawing on St. Patrick’s Day!  This will be our second year doing this tradition.  Last year we found a really cute Pillsbury Dough Boy Limited Edition Watch.  Our followers on Facebook and our site loved this little guy and the watch.    We have another watch this year!  This one is a Pandora Style Watch & Bracelet.  It will have also 2 Handmade Murano Beads, along with a 4 leaf Clover Charm and an infinity charm.

Keep checking at for upcoming photos and information regarding
“How to Enter the Contest” & the “Drawing”.  We do know for sure the drawing will take place on March 17th, St. Patty’s Day.

Along with this great news we have also found some special theme Italian Charms.  Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Raggedy Ann & Andy & Snoopy Peanuts Collection Italian Charms.  These are not just normal Italian Charms!  These are Casa D'Oro Retired Italian Charm Collection.  What makes these even that much more important is that the gold trim on these charms are not plating, they are real 18 kt gold!  The detail is outrageous!  The trim, the detail is all in 18kt gold and when you hold one in your hand you will understand just why we are so excited about getting our hands on these to be able to offer these as collector's items!

Italian Charms are here to stay; they will probably never have the popularity that the Italian Charms did approx. 6 years ago.  You could not go into a mall, store, fair &/or Flee market just to name a few and not see a section put aside where trays and trays of charms and people standing around looking at these trays of charms.  They would stand for hours while they picked out the very special Italian charm to add to their Italian Charm Bracelet! The popularity will never be that pace, but the life of Italian Charms is still here!   Folks that work as Health Care Professionals, Postal Workers or Store Clerk find the charms to be stylish, but NOT over doing it.   By wearing Italian Charms Professionals can still wear some moderate pieces of jewelry without coming across as being over kill and still professional.

Not only for Social reasons have folks felt that wearing too much jewelry is NOT professional but also not very practical in the health care field.   Taking care of Patients if the jewelry dangles and touches the patient’s sheets or gown there is always the fear of cross contamination of bacteria.  Like the Pandora Bracelets, these are NOT practical or professional in these circumstances.

Not only are these Italian Charm Bracelets practical for the work force but also as Medical Alert Italian Charm Bracelets!  Yes Medical Alert Bracelets.    Especially for kids...We can put not only the medical alert charm that is needed on the bracelet, but can place several charms that center on that child's interest.   If they have something that they really like, the bracelets do not end up mysteriously lost or broken.  We had one little guy (6 years old) that we added two different Superman charms.  His mother called us, thanked us, could not say enough about how "he will not take his bracelet off", he calls it my "Superman Bracelet".   "I cannot thank you enough!

For the reasons of:

How great Italian Charms make Great Medical Alert Bracelets

Italian Charms are becoming Collector's Items

Non obtrusive Jewelry, simple not heavy

How Quality & Depth of meaning some of these links offer to folks

Memory Bracelets for min cost

Circle of Friends gift ideas

These are just a few ideas & reasons why Italian Charms are going to continue to live on from the past, the present and the future!

These points are why we are so excited about these Collector items, these retired Italian charms.

The Economy is turning around it feels like in some ways we are starting the business over from the start, but then we get a phone call from a long standing customer.  "Hey Add A Link Of Charm how are you?"  "I am so excited to find you still in business".  We love ya keep up the good work!  It is all worth it, we all need to stay and work together!  Be patient, it is going to be a great summer, be safe and Keep Charming with your italian charm bracelet!

Italian charms are here to stay!  They help to make a great inexpensive gift for anyone, anysex, anyage.  The themes of these tiny charms are many to say the least.  We have over 5000 items of Italian Charms, Pandora style charms and bracelets with many themes, too many to list!