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Add A Link Of Charm Add A Link Of Charm is a family owned and ran business. We are based In Ellensburg, Washington.

AddALinkOfCharm.com is one of the Best Italian Charm source on the Internet! Italian charms, Pandora Style Jewelry along with nice quality gifts that will enrich Memories and Smiles for the young and old alike for years to come. We strive to bring to you the most unique, original & colorful Italian charms, Italian Charm accessories, Purse hooks, key finders, Purses, Wallets and much much more!

Each and every charm which is manufactured for us is crafted with an 18kt gold overlay and soldered (NOT GLUED) on to 100% stainless steel links. (NOT tin that flakes). They use the finest enamel paints & UV protection in the sealant to provide the best color you can get that will not fade! Our goal is to provide to you our customer Quality Not Quantity.

This value has NEVER failed us and we will continue to provide to you the best quality product and service that is possible. We have one (1) internet site and with this one, we guarantee your satisfaction! We hope to help make the little things in life fun and easy by standing behind everything we sell.

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Email: info@addalinkofcharm.com

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1640 4th Parallel Rd. Ellensburg, WA 98926

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